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Design & Templates
Design & Template

The online store of shopcloud can be freely customized in color scheme and layout.

CSS and HTML customizations via editor component.

Responsive Design
Desktop & Mobile

The best shopping experience for the customer, whether on smartphone, on the tablet or on the desktop PC.

Responsive online store design, HTTP/2, file size optimization.


Technically, there is nothing standing in the way technically nothing stands in the way.

Localized text and graphics, shipping conditions, taxes, prices, available products.

Credit Cards & Co
Payment methods

The right choice of payment methods can make the difference between approval and rejection in the customer's mind.

Credit cards, direct debit, cash on delivery, Paypal, Amazon-Pay, Sofort, Purchase on account.


Your product images are an important part of the staging, With a perfect zoom, the customer can look closely at every detail.

Videos, 360 spins, full screen zoom, search engine friendly.

Search and product filter
Search and product filter

Search and filter are very important functions for large assortments. Customers can so quickly to the desired product.

Full text search by descriptions, search by categories and brands, Filtering of almost all product properties.


What better way for customers to save products they will be are going to buy?

Multiple notepad, order from notepad, availability indicator.


For vendors with brick-and-mortar stores, linking the brick-and-mortar store with the online store is an important building block.

Address and environment search, integrated availability check.

Customer Area

Through the customer area, the customer can view all the important information about his data and orders.

Order history, change of address, overview payment method, personalized watch list.


Send and manage coupons and giveaways for marketing purposes.

Free value design: percentage, fixed amount, encore tiered, 3 for 2 savings promotions.
Newsletters and Mailings

Send newsletters, customer mailings and marketing letters directly from shopcloud or simply export the customer data to your preferred service.

Free grouping, template system, blacklists.
Discount promotions
Discount promotions

Discounts are popular as a tool to boost sales.

Discounts on product or customer groups, percentage or fixed price, Allowances and bundles.
Search Engine Optimization SEO

The frontend is search engine optimized and offers the possibility to Implement your own measures for better placement.

Buying keyword and keyword variants, metadata maintenance, SEO urls
Product recommendations

Sell matching or complementary Products and services.

Purchase critical keyword and keyword variations, metadata maintenance, SEO urls
Variants and sizes

Manage products with multiple variants such as color, sizes or features.

Variants, EAN, images, texts, features.
Media management

Management and delivery of image, text, and video materials.

Scaling, formatting, watermarking, PDF.

Categorize your products according to merchandise groups, brands and manufacturers, seasons or other criteria.

Categories, brands, seasons, collections

For companies selling in multiple countries and cultures.

Language and country-specific text management, country and currency-specific price maintenance.
Packaging units
Packaging units

Combine products into packaging units.

Freely definable packaging units.
Serial number management
Serial numbers

You can identify your products using serial numbers or lot numbers, and you can Assign a sale to a unique number.

Number ranges for products, variants and batches.
Bill of materials

Summary of individual items into a bill of materials product.

Create, edit, deploy bill of materials.
Price Lists

Maintain your prices by country, price group or scale.

Different currencies, scale prices, price groups, price lists.
Inventory management

Integrated inventory tracking allows for an accurate view of inventory.

Inventory tracking, multiple warehouses, storage locations, storage sites.

Tap into whole new groups of customers with sales on Amazon.

Master data, prices, stock data, order matching, Amazon Pay, shipping through Amazon.

Sell surplus, remnants and returns on eBay.

Master data, prices, stock data, order matching.
Google Shopping
Google Shopping

Offer potential customers the opportunity to also find your products on The largest search engine to find.

Master data, prices, availability
Price search engines
Price search engines

Price search engines provide the entry point for many customers. Use these to acquire new customers and develop new target groups.

Master data, prices, availability (depending on the portal).
Offline & Retail

Integrate your retail store into your overall system.

POS Cash Register Software
Order processing

Automated and manual order processing for fastest possible delivery.

Automated order rules, visual review, resubmission, order status.
Subscription order

Customers who need products on a regular basis can use a subscription order to automatically trigger a regular order.

Time controllable
Updates & Upgrades
Digital goods issue

The distribution of digital goods requires a digital Goods Issue with an activation code and URL.

Digital goods issue, activation, licensing.
Warehouse logistics and picking

Optionally, individual orders can be picked directly or picked via optimized pick lists.

Pick lists, storage locations, connection to DHL, UPS, DPD.
Returns management
Returns management

Record returns directly in the system and inform your customer automatically about the receipt and the further procedure.

Goods receipt mail, return bill, return transfer for supported payment methods, Stock reconciliation
Ticket System

Consolidate communications into one order and give your Employees a powerful tool at their fingertips.

Ticket system, order processing, resubmission.

Export transactions to your accounting department.

Export in DATEV format, CSV, EDIfact, SLSRPT.

Integrated dunning system with multiple levels and connection to scoring companies.

Schufa, Cybersource, CEG Creditreform Consumer

High scalability and resilience through a powerful cloud platform.

Shared or dedicated, load balancing.

Regular security updates, backups and monitoring of network traffic provide additional security.

Updates, firewall, backups
TLS Encryption

The hosting includes the provision of the online store and admin area via TLS/SSL encryption.

TLS/SSL certificate
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