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Online stores for the classic customer-supplier relationship often differ from classic consumer stores. On the one hand business-to-business (B2B) is subject to a different legal framework and for another, corporate customers have different requirements for an online store.

Many B2B online stores today are focused on efficient ordering processes and customized articles, but less on the sales-promoting sales-promoting presentation of goods and services.

We combine the complexity of a B2B online store with the positive customer experience of a B2C online store.

This is what differentiates B2B online stores

Electronic procurement - usually referred to as e-procurement. is a term used in professional purchasing. Here it is not primarily about the purchase of goods, but about the business relationship as a whole.

With our e-commerce solution. shopcloud and our experience in the implementation of online stores, we help you to impress your customers customers and partners and to build sustainable value chains.

For registered customers only

B2B online stores can be completely open, i.e. without password protection, or closed. An alternative is an open online store, but where the prices appear only appear after login.

Login, registration, transfer of ERP logins.

Custom pricing
Customized pricing

Implementation of complex price calculations up to the integration of existing price engines and API connections.

Price lists, tiered pricing, custom pricing for customers and customer groups.

ERP Integration

The entire process chain is important for the success of an online store. We have already successfully implemented hundreds of integrations.


Minimum order quantity
minimum order quantity

Minimum order quantities can be used to control purchase quantities.

Minimum order quantities, purchase quantities, packaging units.

Client capability

Client control allows resources such as master data, inventory or product photos can be shared across multiple online stores.

Multistore, separate reporting, rights management.


The more automated the better, and preferably across system boundaries.

EDIfact, XML, REST API, ODBC, workflows.

Representative Portal

Support your sales force with information about your customers and offer the possibility place orders.

Customer overview, order functions, reports

Organization structures
Organizational structures

Mapping customers' organizational structures with centralized rights management.

Customer groups, hierarchies, customer relationships.

Release orders
Release of orders

The compilation of an order is possible by employees, but it can only be released by the release of a supervisor is released and assigned to it.

Release of orders, rights management

Company accounts
Company accounts

Corporate accounts often have multiple buyers. Corporate accounts help to post orders to a central account.

Accounting, account numbers, rights management.

Order quotas

Mapping of purchase order quotas and release orders.

Purchase order quotas, call-off lists.

Order history

In connection with company accounts, order lists can be managed and used managed and used across users.

Rights management, order list, watch list.

Direct Order

Searching in product lists is often tedious. If the customer knows the article numbers he can enter them quickly and easily.

Direct input, scan function

Subscription order

Especially in the case of consumables, subscription ordering provides a convenient way for buyers to meet their needs on a regular basis.

Subscription ordering, storable shopping carts.

Planable deliveries

In B2B, on-time deliveries are often very important. The desired date is matched with the possible delivery dates in the order process.

Holidays, delivery dates, calendar

Product Availability
Product availability

Publish your inventory, with either real data or Inventory traffic lights.

Warehouse stock, stock traffic light, store stock, EDI.

query list

If price calculations are carried out manually, or if delivery options have to be be coordinated, orders can be executed as a request.

Inquiry function, order list

Customer Portal
Customer Portal

Business customers have long since gone that far, too, preferring first and foremost primarily modern, digital self-service channels.

Invoice overview, order history, watch lists, order lists.

Digital invoices

Providing invoices as PDF or as a digital record.

Invoice summary, PDF, EDIfact, INVOIC.

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