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The king is dead,
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User behavior and customer expectations have changed massively in recent years have changed massively. Whereas just ten years ago a consultation was was standard, today it is more the exception.

Many customers today are better informed than the provider. Customers research - just as you are doing right now - on websites, forums or on the popular social media platforms.

Today, more than ever, customers decide when, where and how they want to be addressed. This applies equally to end customers and corporate customers.

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Sell where your customers are

Your website

The website is still an important tool for sales and business success.

Web design, web development, onlineshop, customer areas

Mobile Shopping

The smartphone has become a constant companion and, depending on the application area, has already overtaken the desktop PC.

App development, Responsive web design, Mobile offerings

Social Media
Social Media

Platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are experimenting with selling of products on their own platforms. For sellers of consumer products, this is an important channel.

Interfaces, data export, order processing


Connect your warehouse in an automated way. Amazon, eBay, Zalando, Otto and other platforms and process all orders centrally in shopcloud.

Centralized product management (PIM), order processing

Retail store

Sell directly from your retail store and link your available online inventory to the retail store

Checkout, store finder, inventory reconciliation

Phone & Chat
Phone & Chat

Convince your customers on the phone or via chat and sell in the classic one-to-one manner

Order processing, ticket system, customer management

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