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Creating great websites is now even much easier

Minerva is a modern static website generator written in PHP and is designed in such a way that the creation of Websites is as flexible as possible.

Minerva is open source and can be downloaded for free.

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- No monitoring, no databases, just files. Simply transfer your finished website to a CDN. -

HTML5, CSS, Javascript

Don't learn new template languages. Minerva relies on HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


If PHP is your language of choice, you can easily extend Minerva extend it with new functions.

Any file, API or URL
Data freedom

Combine content from static files with content from content management systems or shop systems.

HTML markup or markdown
Data types

Compose content in Markdown, HTML, or write your Renderer of your own.

Commercial Support

We provide commercial support for Minerva.

Hosting via CDN

We offer for your static websites an inexpensive Package consisting of hosting, domain and TLS encryption.

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