The best management
is automated

In every company there are recurring tasks that no one likes to do, but which have to be done. Answering standard e-mails, reordering of products or approving orders.

On the surface, these may be minor tasks, or tasks that an employee can take on in addition. If one looks at these However, if you look at these tasks more closely, you quickly realize that productivity is being is given away.

automation is critical to managing and how your Company handles the processes.

We help with our services and products small and medium-sized enterprises the potential of the digital transformation to exploit.

What standard tasks exist in your company?

Automating and digitizing

Connection in eCommerce
Order Processing

Centralized order processing with scoring data from Schufa or CEG form the basis for automated approvals.

Order processing, interface connectivity, automation

Email Automation

Automated standard emails for order entry, goods issue or availabilities improve service with minimal transaction costs.

Email automation, workflow, message templates


Inventory management for online, retail and Marketplaces at a glance.

Warehouse management, multiple warehouses, storage locations, reordering

Customer Data
Customer Data

For some, customer data is more valuable than gold; for others, you're the bread and butter.

Customer data management (CRM), ticket system, customer groups, email


Tailored features for seamless processes.

Workflow component, workflow design, automation


Combining different channels under one interface.

Automated real-time inventory reconciliation, master data exchange, centralized order import


We host your online store and ensure reliable accessibility.

DHL, UPS, DPD, Freight Carrier

Master Data
Master Data

Centralized management of all master and transaction data.

Product Information Management (PIM)

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