Stay healthy and brave the COVID-19 pandemic.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) affects all of us and is changing the way of companies worldwide. All companies are adapting to this new situation.

We are not virologists, epidemiologists or health experts, but we do know the challenges that digitalization poses for employees and customers.

Every day, people and businesses rely on our services and the reliability of our services. Currently, it is even more important for us that everything runs smoothly.

We are working hard on it and are also in these turbulent days there for you.

Your health is the most important thing

The health of our employees, customers, partners and the families has always been our top priority at schukai. Therefore, even in this situation, we adhere to the guidelines of the WHO, as well as the instructions of the relevant health and safety authorities.

We'll keep you updated

This is a rapidly changing and unprecedented situation. To ensure that you can continue to operate your business, we will continue to take care of your online stores and applications.

Thanks to our decentralized infrastructure and our asynchronous we do not currently expect any restrictions on our services. services.

The only exception is on-site appointments. We are currently unable to offer these offer and rely here on video telephony.

Stay healthy and take care of each other.

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