Are you ready for a whole new audience?

Make your business even more successful and sell your products on Amazon - the leading e-commerce platform in Europe.

Our cloud solution shopcloud combines flexibility with stability and integrates seamlessly into your existing system landscape.

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Sale on Amazon

Sell now on Amazon, the largest e-commerce platform in Europe.

Central order processing
Order processing

Process all orders, returns, and inquiries centrally via the shopcloud interface.


Update the available inventory for Amazon in real time, reducing short sales.

Master data

Manage your master data for Amazon, your online store and other portals centrally via shopcloud.

Product images and media
Product images

Manage your product images with the help of shopcloud and let shopcloud handle the data exchange.

Why should you sell on Amazon?

That's right...selling products on Amazon can bring dangers. Since Amazon has all the sales and success numbers, Amazon can take successful products and categories and position cheaper alternatives.

Amazon, however, also opens up great opportunities and these must be seized.

Wisdom says that the best battle is the one that hasn't happened. By enabling you to seamlessly roll out your existing business to Amazon Roll out, we make Amazon your ally. Build your brand on one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world, while taking advantage of the The opportunities Amazon offers you.

By centrally managing your orders and product data, you can offer customers Provide an exceptional level of service.

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