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Are you and your company striving for a successful long-term digital strategy aiming for? We can help and support it from strategic planning to the to the realization and further development of holistic solutions.

We can help you implement forward-looking digital services and support you in the digital transformation of your company.

Analysis, strategy, conception, implementation and operation - all from a single source.

become the digital pioneer of your industry.

Our focal points


Join us in the virtual ring and test your idea for digital compatibility.

Research, Advocatus Diaboli, Phonefight, ...


Understand what your customers want. Ask don't ask about the problem, don't ask for the solution, just ask the market!

A/B testing, Big Data analysis, usability testing, online survey, ...


Process automation brings both financial as well as other benefits.

Order approvals, autoresponders, self-service portals, ...

Software Development

Innovation is the product of invention and sale. The best idea and the best product are nothing without successful marketing.

Online marketing, newsletter marketing, chatbots ...

Technical implementation

We base it on standards and spice it up with a pinch of innovation. Let your ideas grow.

Online stores, B2B platform, omnichannel, self-service store, ...

Shop Hosting

We operate your platform and ensure reliable accessibility.

Hosting in the cloud via shopcloud or AWS.

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