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"If every tool, by command, or even by anticipation, could perform the work that is due to it as the works of art of Daedalus moved of their own accord, or the tripods of Hephaestus went to the sacred work of their own accord, if the weavers' ships wove of their own accord, there would be no need of assistants for the master craftsman, nor of slaves for the masters."

Companies face a major challenge to better engage employees and partners, reach new customers, and bring innovative products and services to market faster than ever before to the marketplace.

Modern IT is a complex ecosystem of applications and services, that run on different devices and data that is distributed to different locations.

Services like Dropbox, Zoom or Slack are used by employees, entire departments or even company-wide. In addition to questions about data security and data protection, the question of networking arises.

How can processes be designed to be cross-system and as barrier-free as possible? How can information from customer relationship management (CRM) be transferred to the ERP or online shop? the online store? How does product data get from the enterprise resource planning system into the web store or how is this data listed on Amazon, ebay or Alibaba?

Over the past twenty years, we have successfully implemented over hundreds of interface projects. successfully implemented.

We can help you answer and implement these questions. Either as external consultant for an integration project or as an interface between different providers.

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Connection in eCommerce

We bring systems together and ensure data exchange between webshops, e-commerce platforms and ERP systems. From consulting and design to implementation and operation.


We not only link systems, but also map entire workflows and provide for the smooth execution of routine tasks.

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